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About Elm Park Tuition Centre

We are an independent tuition centre based in Elm Park, Hornchurch. Here is what we think makes us special.

  • We are celebrating with 89% A*-Cs in our GCSE 2015 results – this is higher than most local schools!
  • Our head tutors have at least three years of teaching experience. If they are recent graduates, they are provided with course material that is planned by experienced tutors who guide them throughout their teaching.

  • All our tutors are DBR checked and we aim to have at least one individual with first aid training present on site.

  • All students go through an initial assessment if there are no reports available from school. The staff have internal meetings and discussions to share progress reports and thoughts on students regularly after which we may invite you to discuss serious concerns, if there are any.

  • We set weekly or bi-weekly homework to supplement their learning. Students are welcome to come to our homework help clubs if their home environment isn’t suitable.

  • We believe education isn’t just about getting good grades. We offer homework help clubs and book clubs for all our students. This is particularly useful for children doing GCSE and A-Level English Literature since wider reading including critical essays and alternative interpretations are essential at this level.

  • We have Science and English journals available and they are frequently used in classes to show children the applications of science and mathematics in real life and nurture their curiosity.