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Anu tutored my 10 year old son in English and Maths for his 11+ exams and he thoroughly enjoyed the experience! She is creative, sporty and intelligent and a great teacher. She made his learning fun but also challenged him in a positive and enabling way that saw his abilities and confidence grow in both subjects. She also helped his general approach to schoolwork and presentation skills. I would unhesitatingly recommend Anu to any parents looking for a tutor for their children and would be happy to provide a reference.

Fiona McWilliams, University administrator

Anu (English Tutor) says, ‘Fiona’s son was a pleasure to teach. I hope his times at Hampton will be both challenging and rewarding!’.



Thank you for all your help with my English A-Level. I was really pleased with my result!

Emily Grimes, A-Level Student

Anu (English Tutor) says, ‘Emily was a dedicated student whose hard work really paid off. I wish you all the very best for your University life!’.

Previous Grades for AS: (Exam) D (Coursework) C

Resit Grades for AS: (Exam) B (Coursework) B

Final Grade for A2: B




I just opened my results yesterday and with your help I gained 8A* 3As and a C – 2As for English Language and Literature! I’m so happy and satisfied with my results. Without your help, the 2As wouldn’t have been possible, so thank you so much.
Luckily, I got an offer from Southend High for Girls. My 2nd choice, Chelmsford County High, did offer me a place but places for Biology are full and I didn’t want to do IB courses so at the moment I am on the waiting list.
But wherever I go, I’m satisfied as this is all I hoped for and wanted.
Thank you again!
Coco, GCSE Student

Anu (English Tutor) says, ‘Coco was extremely dedicated and through her hard work throughout the year, realised her dream of getting a bundle of As and A*s. I am very proud of her and I wish you all the very best for your University life!’.

Raj (Math and Science Tutor) says, ‘I only coached Coco for a few emergency lessons right before the exam to go through doubts and exam technique – I am very glad that her perseverance and practice paid off!’

Previous Grade for English Language: (Mock Exam) F 

Final Grade for English Language: A

Final Grade for English Literature: A

Final Grade for Maths, Science and Additional Science: 3A*s