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What subjects do we offer?

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We offer classes in English, Mathematics and Science for children aged 5 – 18.

When a child falls behind in class, we recommend placing him or her in group tuition first. This isn’t a major change from school teaching and encourages solving problems as a group and understanding that their peers find similar things difficult. Our class sizes are small with 4 to 6 students being the maximum, and this number decreases as the children grow up. This ensures that they receive maximum attention as they come closer to the major exams.

However, if this doesn’t achieve satisfactory results, we also provide private tuitions to maximise their learning in the time they visit us. This is a one-to-one service and is far more flexible with time and material.

On occasion, we have coached adults who are preparing for GCSE or A-Level exams. These have to be done in separate groups and tutors are available to teach you during the day and weekends as well, if it suits your schedule more.

We provide 11+ tuition in a course that is created according to the requirements set out by the CSSE exam (Essex) and the Kent exam. We are happy to provide separate tuition for any other county or independent school.

So far, we have coached successful candidates for independent schools like Haberdashers. We are awaiting results from our current 11+ students who recently gave their exams.

We also provideĀ ESL classes by a CELTA qualified instructor for adults. These are classes for students with a native language other than English.